It is no longer news that some male lecturers in Nigeria government owned institution often molest female students before they can be allowed to pass their courses. These was the case again yesterday when students of creative art department yesterday staged a massive protest to appeal to the University of Lagos school authority to look into the activities of some of the department lecturers.

The female students complain that they are being sexually harassed, and the male have to part with huge amount of money before they can pass their courses. Some were even ask to FROG JUMP as if they are in elementary school.

Inside Unilag spoke to some of the students who will not want their name in the print and these were their complain were; sexual harassment to the girls, too expensive to use the departmental facilities, over rehearsals, low grade, mass failure,  victimization, extortion,maltreatment and insufficient lecturers.


Unilag is the nation’s pride and am sure the school authority will not sweep this under the carpet.



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