Artist Name: DEX aka Dextybaba
Original Name: Ismail Olawale
Faculty: Engineering

Previously he was called DEXTERYOUS which he got from Dexterity (check the dictionary) lol …then got struck by the name DEX which is an abbreviation to Dopest Emcee Xtraoridinary …
He is presently a student in UNILAG and an engineer to be…
DEX is a C.E.O of the trending international clothing line “DXS outfits” which has been on for more than two years now and has worked with most celebrities in Nigeria

His hobbies are writing lyrics, sports, Modelling and Sketching
DEX has dropped couple of songs including greetings, hustlers, Unilag girls, fun and his new  official single titled ZOMANA (come here) .

DEX is currently working on a mixtape album titled ‘money,fame and truth’ with more than 10 tracks in it
in his words, I can gladly say am ready to take over the industry and saying a big thanks to ya all that have supported me in the past and those yet to support
For management and Bookings —>
Twitter – @theofficialdex
Website –
Phone number – 08087640195
Email :

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