The ulssa award and dinner

ImageImageIt was a wet Thursday in the city of Lagos and right inside the University of Lagos, it is D-day for the much anticipated Ulssa awards and dinner. The event started with empower programme in the afternoon at this same multipurpose hall which was to host the dinner in the night. I was never a fan of empowerment lecture or programme, but I was interested in this one when I got a BBM broadcast from all the Ulssa executive on my BBM saying hotspot for free browsing will be shared. I was lured into it, I went, but nothing like that was shared, I have been fooled I concluded. Breakfast and lunch was also promised but all we got was a bottle of soft drinks with no snacks to wash it down. But I got it all wrong; I never knew ulssa had a plan to treat us to a delicious meal later in the evening.
The main show in the evening kick off late due to reasons I can’t explain, though I made up something in my own head; guest that came didn’t want to purchase ticket, 2 Masters of ceremony were engaged for the event.  Though, this caused a little disagreement because a popular one from Unilag radio who speaks like my brothers from the northern part of the country was dropped and he was left to lick his wound somewhere around the entrance of the hall. 
                                         RED CARPET
I missed the red carpet because I was also struggling for free tickets for myself and my camera guy. A good friend within the Ulssa executive save me from the embarrassment when some simply didn’t notice have been standing outside for too long. We went in, but couldn’t get anything from the red carpet. But I saw Michael switch and Slasha of Dynamix or Koga TV leaving the red carpet too, Slimjohnsine of Unilag fm was not left out also.  I missed this one because have planned to be interviewed, after all, people said I was nominated for one or two categories.
                                       ROLL CALL
The president of science was in attendance, envoy from faculty of arts led by President Nelson, Business admin led by president MO and Ules President was also in attendance. Deji and Tj dott , the blackberry ambassadors were also not left out though the later didn’t stay long. Staff adviser to Ulssa, Dean of sciences.
                                THE EVENT
I really can’t remember if opening prayer was said, but opening speech was given by Mudashiru Sodeeq, the Ulssa president. The dean, Prof Ilori gave opening remarks advising students to see beyond the nose. In his words” the day of reckoning is coming” you can be the best you choose to be! He spent like 10 minutes lecturing us on the stage and indeed I was moved and encouraged.
Wait a minute! I never set my eyes on the vice president of the Ulssa, in person of Urban and I haven’t been able to ascertain why he was absent, maybe you can ask the president when next you drop by at his LT 009 office.
Saucy was the first act to come on stage but he did nothing to impress me, I don’t know if he was crying or singing. Element X killed the show with a nice and tune and great performance. G-Six also stepped on stage with his Guitar, though the strings gave him a little problem from the beginning but he kept his cool and finally gave us the best of the strings and a nice song titled Omowunmi. It was a love song and a good one that got me thinking of loving again. Lickle-T came on stage with bottle water maybe that is his own swag. He had a very a good performance and enjoyed support from all the team botany in the building. Another act named Skin came and do a song called skanky dance, and to be very realistic, I didn’t see any skanky movement in his dance. He was dancing Azonto instead, maybe they have renamed Azonto dance to skanky which am yet to be officially notified. Bad performance from skin, the skanky artiste!                      
                        It was now Mr byno’s turn to perform, he did what was expected of him. He killed it! After winning Pepsi music contest, competing in other several competition like Nigerian idol, Blackberry campus challenge, etc. we already knew we are in for good music. Panache-boi also stormed the stage with his Army costume; he tore the stage like he promised, with Professional dancers behind him, I will love to catch a glimpse of that performance again. Kehney, an artiste that was listed to perform but did not because the organizers failed to make a concrete arrangement with the disc jockey, and he was annoyed and subsequently his manager, Obinna Ifem (CEO, advised him against performing again. He stormed out of the venue before the event ended. Shyne also rapped his way to the stage and I can give him a pass mark for the performance.F-billion also performed and it was fairly okay. And Jaybreeze wrap up the performance with his no other song than Boju Boju…… I wonder if he has any other song! Don’t quote me oooooo. And there was no Sean Tizzle, Burna boy, Chidimma and chibuzee as it was stated in the banner.
                                              THE AWARD PROPER
The atmosphere was tensed, everybody guessing at who will win this and that. Our anxiety was cut short when the first category of award was mentioned, it was best dressed female. Titi from botany year 4 won it, but I think she didn’t deserve it. I don’t know the parameters used maybe she was awarded just for the night because she was half naked or they felt she is the best female dresser in the faculty of science. But I can categorically tell you that there are many girls in science that dresses better.  Most amiable male was tight, many names were called, almost all the stakeholders in science were nominated for this award but Paparazzi eventually claimed the prize, well deserved  ‘me think’.
   Another controversial category is most handsome and the most beautiful, I was stunned! What the f**k were they thinking? Achian Agor and Ishola Bisola choice were wrongly awarded; nobody was comfortable with those choices. But what can we do? Nothing I guess! Most popular male was given to Kashogi, and this really sends a shockwave down my spine. Polymer should have been a better choice, he is more popular than kashogi! Kashogi deserved the most influential that was eventually given to Adeola (Sen. Lummy), maybe Lummy was given as a reward for the help he rendered to Sodeeq during his election into the office of the President. Best use of social media that was given to Alariwo, was Kashogi’s. The pioneer of Save-Unilag group, maybe they have forgot so soon. Peju Ayilara and Yomi were awarded most social year 1 and rookie of the year respectively.
                 THE HIGH POINT OF THE EVENT
Not much, but I think the launching of the souvenir was a laudable achievement, since the students of the faculty will get their souvenir on time unlike the last administration. The Dean’s speech was on point, and more importantly, the menu for the night. The food was supplied by Mavise, it was a delicacy to remember, and it was the most interesting part of the dinner. Thank you ULSSA for giving us a sumptuous meal.  
                           THE LOW POINT OF THE EVENT
The event is a flop according to some guest, and am sure the organizers won’t disagree also. The low turnout of crowd and the BC that was later sent that stated that people should come and enter for free justifies it all.  The absence of Sean Tizzle, Burna Boy, Chindima and Chibuzee that they claimed they’ve billed for the event was also ridiculous. The student artiste of the year award that was given to Cupid was funny, because the last time I checked, Cupid is now a model. Though we all know that Sketch messed up on the unilag Cypher, maybe Kehney, Element X or Lickle T should have won.  More than average of nominees were absent; the good numbers of winners were also not around.  Some categories were not called at all, sportsman of the year, Best entertainment clique, etc. maybe those categories will cause more uproar if they were given, or they have gone to award those they think deserved it without the public eyes.
Most students in the faculty of science didn’t know there was going to be a dinner on that day due to poor publicity from the organizers
The award has come and gone but I personally think the award was staged for final year students alone under the disguised of Ulssa awards. 
I want to also thank the organizer for organising something; so that science critics won’t say science is dead, all they will say is ‘WE ARE A FLOP’.
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