KOLADE JAMES an AFRO-SOUL popularly known as G6IX is presently a 200L Student of the Department of physics in UNILAG, Apart from being an academician, he also has great passion and strong flair for MUSIC, also his humility, competence and uniqueness  has obviously made him outstanding and  popular  in and outside the walls the school.

He is also grade 3 student of MUSON, where he studied theory in music after which he learnt how to play musical instruments like the piano, clarinet and the Guitar effectively


KOLADE JAMES popularly known as G6ix is a steady soul rocker of the music scene with his peculiar style in afro soul genre which is embellished with native tongues.

He started his music career 7 years ago, first as a passionate music lover and afterward progressed to becoming a professional musician in 2008 with is first public show which was an event that attracted international audience.


G6ix formerly a student of MUSON School of music is proficient with the piano, clarinet and guitar, he runs a music academy and also has a deep knowledge music note interpretation inclusive of SIGHTREADING and SIGHTPLAYING.


G6ix has a rich experience with stage performances across various shows such as TROY LOUNGE, INDUSTRY NIGHT, UNILAG’S BLACKBERRY COMPETION, CAMPUS MIC, MIDNIGHT LOUNGE, EMBASSY LOUNGE and many more


He is presently into the SEASON 6 MTN PROJECTFAME COMPETITION where he performed his SELF-COMPOSED song titled “OMOWUNMI”, which got him  the highest number of  views (44,531) from friends, fans and family in and outside the country


G6ix is endeared towards his fans and friends because of his love for people and humility.

He is currently working on his album where he has recorded his favorite fan’s song titled



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